My doctor gave me this tablet for my thyroid but I still feel like crap?

Hypothyroidism is most commonly caused by autoimmune chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis. Or Hashimotos.

I have a personal journey with Hashimotos and my immediate and extended family is widely affected by autoimmunity. I have a degree in Biology and consider myself well educated and reasonably intelligent, yet it took me 9 years from initial diagnosis to recognise that my debilitating health was due to Hashimotos.

Why? I thought that little white tablet had me covered!

In desperation, I eventually did my own extensive research and rebuilt my health with nutrition and a holistic lifestyle and retrained as both a Kinesiologist and Nutritionist in my quest to educate and help others to heal.

The medical community appears to not understand or recognise Hashimotos or autoimmunity for what it actually is.

People like you are suffering because of it. Each individual little body part has its own Doctor right!

In the case of Hashimotos if you are lucky enough to actually get diagnosed, then an endocrinologist or GP will see you. An endocrinologist is an expert in the hormonal system. Note that we don’t appear to have any auto-immunologists!

Because of the medical practice of conveniently compartmentalizing our bodies, doctors often just don’t get it.

Regardless of how much I complained of feeling inflamed, sore, exhausted, anxious, dizzy, constipated, weak, unable to sleep or feel rested. If I did, not one Medical Doctor recognised the connection between autoimmunity and my poor state of health.

My blood tests were “normal” so my Thyroid was considered under control!

In an auto immune condition the body mistakenly identifies its own tissues as an invader (or pathogen) and attacks aiming for destruction. With Hashimotos the immune response is aimed at the Thyroid tissue.

As the Thyroid cells are destroyed, stored hormone is released into the bloodstream, potentially causing a toxic level of Thyroxine (also known as Hashitoxicosis). In this state people experience hyperthyroid symptoms. (anxiety, palpitations, tremors, trouble sleeping, extreme weight loss).

Eventually, the stored Thyroxine becomes depleted and the cells damaged to the extent that they are unable to produce hormone. At this time, hypothyroidism develops.


  • What do you eat?
  • How often do you empty your bowels?
  • When and how do you rest?
  • How do you handle stress?
  • Are you able to exercise?
  • Are you depleted in nutrients?
  • Do you have parasites?
  • Are you holding onto old pain and suffering?
  • Do you even know what your blood tests results said? Or just that they were normal. Get a copy every time.

About the Author

Kerry Vernon - Kinesiologist & Nutritionist, Melbourne, Australia Kerry Vernon is a Holistic Nutritionist and Kinesiologist based in Melbourne. She offers Kinesiology sessions and Nutrition Consultations both in-person and online.
Kerry loves helping her clients to heal from emotional and physical challenges and uses a holistic, individually tailored approach. It's recognised that the mind and the body are equally important in achieving great health and happiness.
Kerry is passionate about encouraging clients to realise their true potential, and empower them to heal naturally from autoimmunity and gut health issues.
Kerry facilitates Holistically Hashimotos - a Facebook group for those on the autoimmune pathway who wish to resolve it in a positive, and natural way.

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